■ What to bring (Mandatory)

10km Course –: Trail Running Footwear, Mobile Phone (Hiking sticks are not allowed)

30km Course – Trail Running Footwear, Running Backpack, Running Jacket (or a Survival Blingcat), Personal Water Bottle, Mobile Phone

■ Race Regulation

1. All runners must bring mandatory equipment to the race and there will be random inspections. If not, runners may receive a penalty or get disqualified.

2. The racecourse is marked with ribbons and flags to show directions. All runners are not allowed to drop out of course or take a shortcut. If not, runners may receive a penalty or get disqualified.

3. All runners must take care of their own health status, injuries, and accidents. (Watch out for vehicles, stones, and tree roots while on road)

4. All runners must prepare for capricious climate change (Low temperatures, winds, rain, and snow) and must be able to keep safe on their own.

5. To protect nature, throwing away garbage during the race is strongly forbidden. If not, runners may receive a penalty or get disqualified.

6. The portrait rights and publication of photos, videos, records, etc. of athletes related to the competition rests with the organizer, and there should be no objection to posting them on TV, newspapers, magazines, or the Internet.

7. The time limit applies at each checkpoint (CP), and if any of the runners do not depart from the CP within the time limit, they will be disqualified as a time-out.

8. All runners must agree to follow all rules set by the organizer by participating in the race.

(The race rules and the process to be carried out during the race are decided at the discretion of the race organizing committee or the race director.)

9. If the competition is not possible due to natural disasters, the course will be shortened or canceled, and the participation fee will not be refunded. (Package delivery)